8 Ways to Create Instant Street Appeal

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There’s no doubt that people generally judge a book by it’s cover. Whether you are selling or creating your forever home here are our tips for creating instant street appeal. After all, who doesn’t love a great looking house?

1. Improve the front of the house

One of the easiest ways to improve the aesthetics of a home is your front door. Nothing beats the beauty of a new door because it makes the house look fresh. These days, there are beautiful new designer doors which can easily amplify the beauty of your home. Make sure you letterbox is up to par as well.

2. Create spaces between the gate and the front door

If the route from gate to the front door is not obvious, you may be surprised how simply rearranging things will do wonders. Try placing a planter pot on the path as a pointer to the door or rerouting the front path. Aside from improving the street appeal of your home, you will also create a safer environment.

3. Separate your driveway from the pavement

If you have enough space, you can create a planted area between your driveway and pavement. This not only improves the safety of the area but also does wonders for the entire look of your front area. Simply plant low hedges or strong perennials such as mondo grass or dwarf flax to create the separation line.

4. Improve your pathway

You will love the magic that an improved pathway can bring. Take note, by simply enlarging your pathway you can easily make your home welcoming and beautiful.

5. Let the right light do the drama

Some outdoor lighting can add amazing highlights to your home. By strategically placing these lights your home will shine more during nighttime.

6. Place a focal piece

Create a sense of arrival for your visitors to know that they have surely come to the right place. For example, place a nice looking and elegant pot, a piece of art, or a decorative item in the front area.

7. Open up

These days, one of the best ways to improve the overall look of your home is to make it look unconstrained. New homes are now opting to make their front area open and spacious by not installing fences or repositioning trees.

8. Planting plan

Plants can bring a dramatic change to your front area. Some of the most elegant homes are those that are strategically made with the right plants. Create a planting plan to make use of nature’s beauty.