Making a new home is an exciting experience, and we at Waller Projects leave no stone unturned to make it seamless and stress-free for our clients. As homeowners invest their hard-earned money, we are committed to guiding them throughout the complete journey.

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Mapping Our Building Journey

We understand building a new home can be daunting at times. For your peace of mind and to make you familiar with our process, here are the stages of our home building process.

Our Process

Waller Projects provides you with licensed services and we are registered Master Builders. Our extraordinary and creative builders are trade qualified and licensed.

We are specialists in new builds. Our innovative designs and workmanship have won us several Master Builders House of the Year awards. This speaks of the quality that we provide in our work.

Step 1 – Contact Us

You can contact Waller Projects by calling (09) 416 7643 or send us a message at

Step 2 – Discuss Your Ideas

Have an idea of what you’d like to achieve? We will meet with you to discuss the project and other details.

Step 3 – Preliminary Design

Our designing process starts with geotechnical investigations, concept design, surveys, and BIM modeling. We prepare a blueprint before the final designing phase to calculate the expenditure and give you an idea of your future home.

Step 4 – Final Price Quotes

We will provide you with a fixed price for the complete project to the code of compliance. Once you have accepted our fixed quote, we complete all the written formalities and provide you the invoice to pay a deposit. Then we will move to the final detailed design phase.

Step 5 – Complete Designs

To begin the build we need to finalise your design. Detailed consent drawings will be completed, as well as ticking the boxes for interior design, kitchen and bathroom, lighting and homestar.

Step 6 – Turning Your Dream Into Reality

Getting approval from the council can be a daunting task. But when you work with Walter Projects, we take care of all the permissions for you. Then the construction phase of your home commences. We will inform you of the programme of work, work with you on budgeting and forecasting and provide quality assurance.This is the exciting stage where you see your dream home turn into a reality!

Step 7 – Project Completion

This is the stage when we are ready with your dream home and sign-off the project. We provide you with the Code of Compliance, warranties and maintenance manuals. Our ten year Master Builders guarantee allow you and your family to rest easy in the knowledge that, in the unlikely event that something does go wrong with your home build, any issues will be resolved to the highest standard.

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