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Murray won MB National 2016, MB Gold Reserve 2016 and MB Gold 2016.

From New Zealand’s early pioneering days, timber weatherboards have been used to build stylish and no-nonsense homes. Today’s technically advanced building cladding systems means that cedar weatherboards can be manipulated to exploit the full range of exterior cladding possibilities that cedar timber provides. The Murray Cedar home is a concept of good building and great architecture.

Starting with the entrance, it feels like you’re on an escape to Remote Island as you walk the boardwalk towards the Murray home. Next you’d notice the black cedar cladding. Narrow cedar boards make for an elegant exterior, and are complimented by large modern windows that let in plenty of natural light. The home feels spacious as the interior walls are painted neutral white which gives a sense of openness. There is a significant contrast between the black cedar exterior vs the white interior. The home has wooden flooring, as well as beautiful wooden decorative features such as the stair handrail, study desks and ceiling lights.

Bathrooms are mysterious with their tiled stone-coloured walls, and copious amounts of space. The main bathroom features a walk-in shower with an impressive tub to bath in. The master bedroom is situated away from the living area, however opens up to the central outdoor living zone with easy access to the back yard. The outdoor living area was an added addition to create a private space for enjoying the outdoors. A favourite feature of this area is the wood oven fire. Down the staircase is a double garage ideal for bringing in the shopping straight up the stairs to the kitchen bench. This is a home for the minimalist – it is fresh, upbeat and simplistic.