Staying or Going? The Logic Behind Rebuilding In Your Favourite Neighbourhood

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Buying and renovating aren’t your only options when it comes to realising your dream home. Knocking down and rebuilding allows you to stay in your current location meaning minimal family disruptions, no need to change schools or re-establish your family in a new neighbourhood.

Our team offers a unique knock down and rebuild service which will allow you to create your dream home while staying in the neighbourhood you love.

We have put together some of the reasons why you should consider this option.

Save on cost

Cost is most likely going to be at the top of your list when considering a new home or renovating. Renovations and re-clads can often cost as much as building new but come without the benefits of a new modern home. Renovations are also associated with financial uncertainty. Unforeseen problems such as leaky pipes, dodgy foundations or undetected asbestos can turn a renovation into a costly nightmare.

If you are curious contact Waller projects and we can meet you onsite to discuss the options. We will give you all the costing information upfront so there will be no budget blowouts or surprises along the way.

Create a home that fits your style

When you opt for a knockdown and rebuild process, you will be able to create a home that fits the needs of your family. It might mean structural changes that would make life easier at home; perhaps moving your bedroom closer to or further from the kids’ bedrooms, or creating the indoor/outdoor flow you have always dreamed of. You’ll have more control over the fixture and fittings and be able to customise the home to your needs, ensuring you have everything you need to suit your lifestyle.

Plus, with a new home, you’ll have the opportunity to build to the Auckland Unitary Plan. This means you could fit more home on your section, which will benefit you now, and then when you go to sell your home in the future, it also gives you a more valuable asset.

Peace of mind

We take care of everything for you. From council plan submissions to final sign off, Waller Projects has the experience, expertise and resources to smooth the path from planning through permissions to project management. You will have peace of mind knowing that experts are working to create the best kind of home for you and your family.


At Waller Projects we want you to enjoy not only the finished result but also the whole process, from concept to completion. That’s why we practice one-to-one communication with every client and a hands-on approach to every job. You deal with a single point of contact, Mark Waller, who is a qualified project manager, quantity surveyor and government-licensed building practitioner.

The team of builders, suppliers and subcontractors comprise leaders in their fields. Our price guarantee ensures your project will be completed on time and on budget. And we provide peace-of-mind with a comprehensive 10-year Master Builders Guarantee.


When you demolish and rebuild with us, the old house is replaced with a new, innovative home that is designed to match your individual requirements and taste.

A recent knock-down and rebuild completed by Waller Projects is the Murray House, in Murrays Bay, Auckland.

“Mark and the team at Waller Projects designed and built our house in Murrays Bay Auckland. What can often be a stressful process was made easy by Mark and the team, they are very well organised and thorough which made the process enjoyable. We were one of those clients that had high standards, knew what we wanted and micro managed every aspect of the build. Mark and his team took this in their stride and delivered an exceptional product that we are delighted with. They were a pleasure to deal with and navigated through issues quickly and effectively.”

Hamish Murray

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