Matakana Green nearing completion

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Exciting times as our Homestar 7 house in the Matakana Green  subdivision nears completion.

This black board and batten house is setting the standard in this eco subdivision with a striking exterior ,exposed trusses ,thermally broken windows and minimal interior

The in built fire combined with a heat transfer system will provide a snug house in the winter with minimal electricity bills and the polished concrete floors will absorb what sun is on offer and release this heat at night . The solar panels are due to be fitted at the end of the month and provide the majority of the power for this property including a power source for the car !

Hot water is soured from an energy efficient hot water heat pump and all rainwater is harvested on site in two under ground tanks .

Insulation is at the maximum for the house in the 150 wide external frames and the slab is insulated at the edge to reduce heat loss ,todays houses are warm ,but this will be noticeably warmer than most new houses and with minimal running cost.

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This week the painting is being completed and the kitchen and joinery fitted ,more pictures to be posted as the interior unfolds !