Thinking About Subdividing Your Property?

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To address the ever-growing population in Auckland, the city has adopted the Auckland Unitary Plan. The plan is one of the best ways to safely encourage growth within the city that will still be beneficial for existing residents. Through this plan, new residents are able to build new properties within current suburbs.

To encourage a more compact and highly developed city, the Auckland Unitary Plan will provide current residents the chance to manage their properties in a unique way. Through careful planning, you can choose between adding a new home for your family, build an additional home as an investment, build and sell the property, or do a combination of all three.

To make these changes possible we can take care of the following tasks:

  •       Understand your zoning and site law
  •       Understand the budget requirements
  •       Feasibility study of the project
  •       Design options based on budget and zoning requirements
  •       Permits and consent processing
  •       Management of construction finance to match your design needs
  •       Project management during the entire building process

Understanding zoning

The Auckland Unitary Plan sets the entire city into zoning areas. Geographic zones are areas that are specifically assigned according to what type of building can be constructed. For example, some zones allow mixed urban dwellings or single mixed suburban, terrace buildings, or apartments. To know what zoning requirements are in your area, have a look at the Auckland Council’s website.

With these zoning regulations, you will be able to plan out the kind of property that you want to build and still be able to protect the entire interest of the city’s communities. Specific areas that are assigned to allow for medium to high-density properties will provide a huge opportunity for property owners because they can maximise the use of their existing property.

Changes that you can apply to your property

To know what kind of building is best for your property, you must understand zoning requirements first. Additionally, there are also other factors that can affect the kind of property that you can build. For example, risks, hazards, and re-sell value will all have an ultimate effect on the kind of property you build.

Waller Projects recently completed a project in Greenhithe, Auckland which involved sub-dividing the existing owners property and building a new home.

“At every stage, they worked efficiently and with the utmost consideration to our occupied property on the adjoining subdivision. They also removed the stress and uncertainty of liaising with the council.” View project

Waller Projects are experts at designing and building under the Auckland Unitary Plan and can handle all of the red tape around subdividing.  We have good relationships with local Councils and other professional service providers.

Contact us if you would like to discuss options for your future development.